Well, that’s going well…

8 Months later here’s another one! Yeah, I’m not great at sticking to new projects.

I must say it’s been a hectic time, been very busy with work and the world just seems to get crazier. We’re currently still in the mad throws of the Brexit nonsense, I went on the ‘Put it to the people’ march a week or two ago, it was massive, they say a million (or much more, or much less – because that’s the way the world is now) people were on the streets. I marched for 6 hours and still didn’t even get to Trafalgar Square, let alone parliament.  It felt good to be surrounded by people who feel the same way as you, it felt like I got my old country back for a few hours and really lifted my spirits.

Needless to say, the whole thing is a mess. I genuinely fear what the country is becoming and I hope it gets put back to the people so we can stop it doing anymore damage to ourselves, but it’s hard to make predictions. The world is moving extremely fast at the moment. Either way I think there’ll be relief for the whole country once something has finally happened, one way or the other.

In other news, I’m starting a new project (hopefully it’ll go better than keeping an up to date blog). I’m going to start building some synths and various electronic instruments. My soldering isn’t amazing, nor is my electronics knowhow, I know a few things about synths but that’s part of the aim of the project, to learn as I do. As Modular Synthesizers can cost big bucks and inspired by Look Mum No Computer I’m going to just build some stuff with cheap parts and try to reuse unwanted things! I’ll try and blog about it soon once I’ve actually built something that works. I promise.


Hello new blog reader, so what are we doing here? I’m Ashley, I hated English as a subject at school and now I’m writing to help get brain things out. I think this is going to be a good idea.

To be honest, I’ve no idea about what I’m going to write about yet (well one or two things). Probably about the thoughts I’m having about the future, politics and technology. As that’s what I’ve been reading a lot about recently (which is probably another thing I’ll write about).

I’m not writing with an audience in mind, probably the best way to think of this is as a journal that’s online. I won’t be sharing it on social media, I won’t be promoting it in any way but if you want to share it, you can. You’ve probably found it because I sent you an email and you’ve checked out my domain ‘theville.co.uk’. It was registered years ago and I’ve used it as my personal domain and email, there have been multiple sites hosted on this domain, other blogs, my tumblr, some basic sites I made. But they are all of the past and this is the latest edition. Hopefully, I’ll use it more than I did those.